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Textured aesthetics

Silent Gliss is delighted to unveil its latest additions to The Collection: Multicolour Natura and Multicolour Panama fabrics. Embracing the enduring…

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Bay6Web: Effortlessly create bent curtain track and pole drawings

We are pleased to announce that our new, innovative Bay6Web platform is now available to easily create accurate bent curtain track drawings.

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SG 7600 Metropole 23mm in Black

Our preference for black window frames and interior fixtures continues to increase.


To reflect this ongoing trend, we are pleased to extend our…

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Universal Smart Fix Brackets in Metropole Colours

We are pleased to advise that we now stock our Universal Smart Fix brackets SG 11154, SG 11155 and SG 11156 in all the Metropole colours (excluding…

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Covered Wave Heading

We are pleased to advise that in order to enhance the presentation of our wave curtains, we have introduced the option of a Covered Wave Heading.


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