Curtain Track Systems

Curtain Systems, SG 6465, Colorama Dimout, The Queen Fisher Suite, Copenhagen, Denmark, Wave
Curtain Systems, SG 6820, Leviso, The Funnel
Curtain Systems, SG 5600, Wave
Curtain Systems, SG 5600, Colorama 1, Summa Aldapeta, San Sebastian, Spain
Curtain Systems, SG 5600, Customer Fabrics, Flügelausstellung, Berlin, Germany
Curtain Systems, SG 3840, Customer Fabrics, Villa Windegg, Zürich, Switzerland
Curtain Systems, SG 6475, Leviso, Villa Rosenberg, Bern, Switzerland, Wave

The introduction of Silent Gliss as the world’s first silent curtain track system was just the beginning. More than 50 years later, we continue to push industry standards with a focus on producing the highest quality systems that exceed expectations. From light to heavy weight, from short to long, from straight to bent - Silent Gliss can supply a curtain track for any installation.