Bay6Web: Effortlessly create bent curtain track and pole drawings

We are pleased to announce that our new, innovative Bay6Web platform is now available to easily create accurate bent curtain track drawings.

What's New?

Bay6Web offers an intuitive solution to create drawings for bent and bay windows for Silent Gliss tracks and poles. This web version includes exciting new features:

  • Multiplatform Compatibility – Adapts to your phone, tablet, or desktop, including Apple devices.
  • Centralised Updates – Always have the latest version.
  • Secure Storage – Drawings are safely stored within your account for future reference.
  • Convenient Uploads – Upload existing drawings to your account.
  • Classic or Simplified views – Classic is based on our original Bay6 layout for use on larger screens, and simplified, which lends itself to smaller screens with tabs that intuitively guide you through the process. It’s easy to switch between the two via the homepage → Settings / Preferences / Desktop Input Form.


Follow this link to try Bay6Web now.

We continue to support the current desktop version of Bay6, and an update is available. If you have any questions, please contact your Silent Gliss representative or get in touch