Set Your Perfect Scene

Smart by Silent Gliss –

Curtains and Blinds for Home Automation

Whether at home or at work, Smart technology connects products and services such as lighting, heating and audio.

Smart by Silent Gliss transforms your motorised curtain and blinds into intelligent devices, with benefits such as bottom bar alignment, up synchronisation and complex scene settings.

Why Smart shading?

  • The flexibility to schedule curtains to open and close at particular times.
  • The convenience of operating the blinds from a range of devices.
  • To create room ambiance with pre-programmed scenes.
  • For energy efficiency, blinds operate to avoid overheating or heat loss.
  • For security, curtains move automatically when you’re not home.

Total Compatibility

Our systems are specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with most leading building management systems (BMS).

Smart by Silent Gliss is available with curtain tracks, roller, roman and dimout blinds, as well as sliding panels and Metropole.