Universal Smart Fix Brackets in Metropole Colours

We are pleased to advise that we now stock our Universal Smart Fix brackets SG 11154, SG 11155 and SG 11156 in all the Metropole colours (excluding Chrome).


These brackets are ideal for when maximum flexibility is required with projections up to 200mm.


The SG 11155 (150mm) and SG 11156 (200mm) Universal Smart Fix Brackets are also a versatile solution for double systems to accommodate layered curtains. These brackets can accommodate two Metropoles, or a metropole combined with a standard Silent Gliss curtain track.


Metropole systems attach using the standard ceiling fix plate SG 6151. Standard curtain tracks attach using a twist clamp. Double systems are fitted with the extension arm channel facing downwards to accommodate the 2nd track.


Our technical documents are in the process of being updated, in the meantime for more information contact Silent Gliss.